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Common Mistakes You Have To Avoid When Being Arrested For Sex Crime

What would you do if one fine morning that you were walking in the streets, a police officer approach you and arrested you for an alleged sex crime? Would your instinct resist the arrest or evade it by running or you try to explain your side to avoid prosecution?

What if I tell you that committing these actions during an arrest can actually worsen your penalty; would you still do the same? You heard it right! wrong actions during an arrest can actually worsen the charges against you.

Indeed, being arrested is a traumatic experience but its scarier if you commit crucial mistakes during the arrest. To help you avoid worsening your situation, here are some common mistakes that most people do during an arrest that you should know about.


Falsely Accused


Mistake #1 Resisting Arrest

When you were arrested, it is tempting to fight back against the arresting officer for placing handcuff even if you are innocent. However, remember that resistance or using force against the officer could only result to additional criminal and assault charges.

It is the same thing as to try to evade the arrest by running because it can only escalate the charges against you. It might be distressing to be arrested without doing anything but it could result to safer outcome if you didn’t resist the arrest.

Mistake #2 Trying To Explain

When you are being arrested, the police officers would try to prosecute you and it’s a natural impulse to respond to them, explain yourself and convince the police that you are innocent of a sex crime. However, you have to keep in mind that explaining your side without a defense lawyer and exposing too much to the police officer can be damaging to your case since whatever you say in the arrest can be used against you in court.

Remember that when an officer arrest you, they always think that you are guilty so stop explaining to them your innocence and communicate only what is necessary or when there is a sex crime attorney at your side.

Mistake # 3 Admitting A Crime

Police officers will ask you questions when you are arrested, some of which are incriminating and some are leading questions. Their job is to interrogate you and solicit information from you about the alleged sex crime you committed. Bear in mind that you are not obligated to answer these questions. Don’t admit or tell them any sort of involvement in the crime even if they guarantee that everything will work out for your advantage. This is because they can use your confessions or admissions against you.

Remember that your Miranda right to remain silent can be exercised in order for you to not further incriminate yourself. True on the saying “less talk, less mistake”, it is always better to stay silent.

Mistake #4 Blame others

One technique of some arresting officer to solicit information from you is to ask you to list names of other people who committed the sex crime in return of a lesser penalty. Don’t play the blame game. Refrain from giving a list of names of other people as it will indicate that you had a connection to criminals. This act only validates your arrest and can provide stronger grounds in your prosecution.

It does not mean that if you try to help the police officers to catch other criminals, your cooperation will berewarded for a leniency because the arresting officer is not in control of the charges and prosecution of the case, so don’t fall for it.

Mistake #5 Failure to Hire Sex Crime Lawyer

One of the basic rights of an arrested person is to hire a counsel of his own choice. It is mandated to have a lawyer present before you answer any questions to the arresting officer. But this should not be any defense lawyer you first saw along the street; it should be an experiencedsex crime defense lawyer.

A sex crime attorney would not only help you regarding the legality of the arrest but can also help you to get out of jail the same day you were arrested.  A criminal defense lawyer that specializes in sex crime would also help you to plan your next move, file your counterclaim or submit documents for your defense.