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Being wrongfully accused of a Sexual Assault, Rape or any type of Sex Crime may leave you with a lot of questions.


For example:

  • Will I be able to beat a Sexual Assault case?
  • Will I be able to show that I am being falsely accused of Rape or Child Molestation?
  • Will I be able to present all of the lies and avoid going to jail or prison?
  • Am I going to be able to successfully fight these charges?


The short answer to all of these questions is YES!


It is possible to beat a Sexual Assault accusation with a one-two punch:

  • PUNCH #1: Hire the best defense lawyer whose law practice focuses solely on Sex Crimes; and
  • PUNCH #2: Don’t ever settle for a mediocre defense lawyer, your freedom and your future is worth fighting for!


Picking the best sex crime lawyer, who solely focuses on Sex Crime charges, can make the difference between your freedom and incarceration. When your future and life is on the line due to the fact you are either being investigated or accused of a Sex Crime, be it Statutory Rape, Non Consensual Sex, Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th degree, Child Pornography, Child Molestation, Child Abuse, etc., you must hire Attorney Nicole Blank Becker.


Nicole Blank Becker not only knows the intricate, applicable law for sex crime charges, but also knows how to run circles around the competition. The nuances in the laws regarding sex crimes can often be missed and misunderstood by those lawyers who “claim” they handle Sexual Assault cases. The laws for Sexual Assault crimes can be confusing and are definitely unique.


Attorney Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Law, PC, focuses SOLELY on Sex Crimes! Nicole has prosecuted and defended thousands of clients and has done thousands of jury trials throughout her career. In fact, she has done just about every type of crime there is, including, but not limited to, drug cases, home invasion, armed robbery, and murder. With that said, Nicole’s true passion lies with Sexual Assault cases.


You only have one chance to get this right. Your life’s on the line. Your freedom is on the line. You need a lawyer who isn’t afraid to fight on your behalf and has the experience and knowledge to back it up. This will be one of the toughests fights you experience in your lifetime, so why wouldn’t you want to hire the toughest, most skilled, most relentless lawyer, Nicole, to go to battle and fight for you?



As the former CHIEF OF THE SEX CRIME & CHILD ABUSE UNIT, Attorney Nicole Blank Becker knows a thing or two about how to handle every Sexual Assault case that comes by her desk. As the Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit, she was in charge of calling the shots. In other words, she was responsible for teaching others (police, prosecutors and defense attorneys) how to properly handle sex related cases.


Nicole has over 20+ years of experience fighting for Justice. Nicole is not only a Michigan Sex Crime lawyer practicing criminal defense, but she has practiced in several other states as well. Having experience with thousands of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) cases, as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, Nicole is able to run circles around other so called sex crime lawyers that claim they handle CSC cases and Child Abuse cases.


Nicole uses her unique skill set to fight fiercely on your behalf. It is no wonder Nicole knows all the tricks of the trade. You don’t get to be in the position of Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit without hardwork, dedication and overwhelming success. That is the power behind hiring Nicole as your defense attorney.


There isn’t a circumstance related to Sex Crimes that Nicole has not already been a part of, researched thoroughly or went to jury trial on. Nicole is not afraid to jump in the ring (courtroom) and knock out her opponents with her impeccable skills and extensive knowledge of the law. Nicole’s deep understanding of the law, polices and procedures specific to Sex Crimes will be the weapon you need in your corner during the biggest fight of your life. Nicole is warmed up and ready to swing.


No other lawyer in Michigan has the outstanding credentials that Nicole has. Nicole’s knowledge of the law when it comes to CSC charges is impeccable. Nicole holds Award Winning Belts that support her credentials when it comes to focusing on Sex Crimes. Nicole has been trained, certified and awarded for all of her years of dedication and hard work to Sexual Assault related crimes, both as a prosecutor and a defense attorney.


Due to Nicole’s extensive background in dealing with sex related crimes, she can easily tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Because of her years of experience, she knows the arguments that will be lodged against you and she knows the arguments to combat each and every one of them.


Another huge advantage to hiring Nicole is that she already knows how the other side is going to pursue you, charge you and build a case against you. There’s nothing better than having a great defense because Nicole can already tell you what the sex offense’s next moves will be.


Nicole can not only walk the walk, but she can talk the talk. As an experienced criminal lawyer, Nicole is ten steps ahead of the rest. As a sex crimes attorney, Nicole has a phenomenal reputation amongst the Judges, the state prosecutors and the criminal defense bar. Nicole’s impeccable record and dedication to the work that she does as a Sex Crime lawyer has earned her the recognition of one of “America’s Top 100 Lawyers” and one of Americas “Elite Lawyers” handling only sex crime cases.


When hiring Nicole, you get the luxury and  experience of an attorney who was the Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit for years, a state attorney for 20+ years in two different counties, and a Defense Attorney in Detroit right out of law school. You literally get the full package! Contact her now for a free consultation.



If you settle for a mediocre sex crimes attorney and you will get a mediocre result. Your life is worth way more than mediocrity!


When facing Criminal Sexual Conduct charges you need an attorney who solely focuses on Sexual Assault charges, statutory rape, criminal sexual conduct, molestation, child pornography, etc., in your corner. You cannot leave your future in just any attorney’s hands, nor can you fight this alone. You must trust that your attorney will do exactly what they claim they will do. You must hold your attorney to a very high standard and make sure they not only talk the talk, but can truly walk the walk. Attorney Nicole Blank Becker will see to it that you are nothing short of confident that she can walk the walk. She will show you how she will do everything possible in fighting for your rights. You will experience her execute what she says she will execute and do it with precision and expertise. You simply cannot afford to not have Nicole in your corner.


You need a Sex Crime lawyer that knows her way around a courtroom, and the negotiating table, with her eyes closed. Nicole is exactly that criminal defense attorney. Nicole does not back down, nor give in. She will take on sex offenses such as Criminal Sexual Conduct, Rape, Child Molestation, Child Abuse, Child Pornography, etc., disect each and every alleged sex crimes charge, and share her conclusions with you. Nicole can do these types of cases in her sleep. She has been in the trenches fighting in courtrooms across the United States her entire career.


Too many defense attorneys claim to be sex crime lawyers, but they don’t have the REAL experience, unique sexual law knoledge and lengthy background required to handle sex crime cases to back it up. When a defense attorney sells his or her services without the proper tools in their tool belt, frankly they are doing you a disservice and the end result may not be what you were promised and hoped for.


Once you consult with Nicole, you will be confident that you chose the right attorney to fight for your future. You will understand the importance of having a Michigan Sex Crime lawyer who knows a thing or two about how to get things done. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for your free consultation!



Blank Law, PC, is a NO NONSENSE Law Firm. Nicole will tell you exactly what you are facing, best and worst case scenario. She will design a unique strategy just for you. She will fight for what is right starting on day one.


The moment you hire Nicole, you will feel your anxiety reduce substantially. Nicole’s reputation as a NO NONSENSE attorney and a warrior for justice will be the ferocious representation you need in the fight for your life. You need an attorney who can and will put your money where her mouth is. You can’t afford to not afford the best.


Attorney Nicole Blank Becker will work to build the strongest defense possible and aggressively pursue the best outcome for you and your family. Nicole, having previously been the Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit, is in a better position than most lawyers to help you through one of the toughest fights of your life. It’s as though Nicole has insider knowledge regarding the tactics and the strategies that the state and the police may use when building a case against you. She is ready to fight each and every accusation that is lodged against you. Nicole can confidently walk the walk due to her years and years of experience fighting Sexual Assault cases.



Once you consult with Attorney Nicole Blank Becker you will be confident you chose the right defense attorney to fight for your future. As soon as you meet Nicole you will build a solid attorney client relationship with her. Once you sit down with Nicole she will strategically map out what you should and should not expect throughout this process. The unknown is the worst, and that is exactly why Nicole prides herself on keeping her clients in the know. Nicole provides 24/7 accessibility and reliability, and she treats her clients the way she would want to be treated if she were in their shoes. Trust me, help is on the way!


As a Michigan criminal lawyer focused on Sexual Assault crimes, Nicole has personally seen the damage and irreparable harm that occurs when someone is falsely accused of a sex related crime. Contact us now, because with Nicole’s skills in handling sex crime cases, statutory rape cases, child pornography, child molestation cases and her dedication to your case, she will be able to sizeup any accusations that are thrown your way and take back your dignity!



Sex crimes are handled very differently in the criminal legal system than any other crime. Nicole has seen how sex offenses charges can cause both legal and emotional damage. The legal and emotional damage comes both at the time accusations are made, and in the long run. Being falsely accused of sex charges of any kind may be embarrassing and a heavy emotional load to carry.

  • Legally: If you are charged with a Sexual Assault crime, there is the possibility of having to do a minimum of 25 years in prison, having to register with the Michigan Sex Offender Registry and the possibility of being required to wear a tether for the rest of your life.
  • Emotionally: If you are charged or being investigated for ANY types of sex related crimes and/or Child Abuse crime, by someone you know or someone you barely know, this experience can be one of the most unnerving, devastating, and eye opening experiences you will ever face during your lifetime. A heavy stigma follows you when charged with a sex crime and/or a child abuse crime. It can be embarrassing, humiliating, scary, isolating and terrifying all at the same time. Oftentimes, it becomes difficult to put one foot in front of the other.


With Nicole’s years of experience handling unique Sexual Assault cases, she knows first hand the emotional havic these types of sex related crimes reap on you, your family and your friends. The emotional roller coaster associated with being charged with a sex crime is no laughing matter.


Once you step through the front door of Nicole’s office, she will be expecting to discuss not only the facts of the case, but your emotional mental health as well. Nicole has a head start in front of any other defense lawyer who claims to handle Sexual Assault cases, because Nicole has a long history and experience in discussing the emotional reality of both the accuser and the accused. Nicole takes the attorney client relationship very seriously.


While it’s important to have a lawyer that can handle the law, when it comes to any criminal offense, it’s a HUGE added bonus when that same lawyer, Nicole, can handle the emotional state that you, your family and friends find themselves in. You will see first hand that Nicole is not a robot attorney. Nicole not only fights for Justice, but she also fights to help her clients regain their sanity.



The penalties for Sex Crimes in Michigan are tough and truly require the expertise of a Michigan Sex Crimes lawyer who has the credentials to back it up. The choice of whom to hire as your attorney when it comes to Sex Crimes is an important decision that will affect you for the rest of your life. The penalties that come along with Sexual Assault charges are too high to be handled by any Michigan defense attorney. You simply need the best!


The penalties range from probation to a mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison, and a maximum of LIFE. Furthermore, sex crimes have additional penalties once you complete probation, jail or prison. You will be required to register with the Sex Offender Registry as a sex offender. The Sex Offender Registry requires you to register for different amounts of time, depending on the sex crime you are charged with.


Having the title “Sex Offender” following you through life is arguably worse then prison. In order to make sure the stigma of having to register as a sex offender does not follow you around like a dark cloud, it is time to realize the importance of hiring a lawyer, Nicole, who focuses on sex crimes and can confidently represent you.



There isn’t a sex crime allegation, trial or plea that Nicole has not seen. Nicole’s years of experience and expertise will only benefit you in your fight for justice. While a good lawyer must be successful in the courtroom, a great lawyer must be successful both inside and outside of the courtroom, along with negotiating the best possible outcome. Having done hundreds, if not thousands, of jury trials over the past 20+ years, and having negotiated hundreds, if not thousands, of deals, Nicole has remained successful at both.



Assault With Intent To Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct

Assault By Strangulation (Suffocation)

Computer Crimes

Child Pornography:

Production Of Child Pornography

Distribution Of Child Pornography

Possession Of Child Pornography


Solicitation Of A Minor



Disseminating Sexually Explicit Matter To A Minor

Posting A Message Through An Electronic Medium

Malicious Use Of Service Provided By Telecommunications Service Provider

Distributing Sexually Explicit Visual Material To Children

Indecent Exposure

Aggravated Indecent Exposure

Gross Indecency



Accosting A Child For Immoral Purposes

Armed Robbery


Assault And Battery

Felonious Assault  – Assault With A Dangerous Weapon


Carrying A Concealed Weapon

Child Abuse:

First Degree Child Abuse

Second Degree Child Abuse

Third Degree Child Abuse

Fourth Degree Child Abuse

Domestic Violence

Drunk Driving

Felony Firearm

Felon In Possession Of A Firearm

Filing A False Police Report

Fleeing And Eluding

HIV – Intercourse With Specific Intent Or Reckless Disregard To Infect With HIV

Home Invasion:

Home Invasion First Degree

Home Invasion First Degree – Entering Without Permission

Home Invasion Second Degree

Home Invasion Second Degree – Entering Without Permission

Home Invasion Third Degree



Malicious Destruction Of Property


First Degree Murder

Second Degree Murder

Assault With Intent To Murder

Assault With Intent To Commit Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder


Possession Of A Controlled Substance

Possession With Intent To Distribute A Controlled Substance

Receiving Or Concealing Stolen Property


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