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With Nicole, I found the outstanding legal representation that I had been trying to find for years. She not only built a strong case but she also followed up and supported the case and myself all throughout the whole process. She was available on a daily basis and responded directly to my questions promptly and professionally. She gave her very best at all times. I would absolutely recommend and refer Nicole to friends and family.

- Daniel V.

The information Nicole knew, that no other attorney seemed to know, was incredible. Nicole’s experience from her years as the Chief of Sex Crimes and Abuse was obvious from the first time I spoke with her. I would recommend her to all my family and friends. Which is the highest compliment.

- Josh

I was very scared and unsure how to go about the whole court thing, but Nicole was easy to talk to and explained every step of the process. I knew exactly what to expect. Nicole never made me feel bad about what I was accused of. I am glad I called her before I was even charged because she really helped me at the beginning of all this.

- Todd

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