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Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Law, PC is a powerhouse in the field of law and has unique skills that sets her apart from every other Michigan defense attorney.


Prior to going into private practice, Nicole was a prosecutor. She was given the awesome responsibility of running the Sex Crimes Unit and the Child Abuse Unit for years in Macomb County, Michigan.


Attorney Nicole Blank Becker


With Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker’s prior experience as Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit and Child Abuse Crimes Unit in Macomb County, she has been on both sides of the law for the past 20+ years.

Her journey as a successful attorney started in law school at Wayne State University. After graduating in 2000, she started her career as a defense attorney, then an assistant prosecutor, and now back to private practice as a defense attorney focused solely on sex crime and criminal sexual conduct cases.

As an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer, Nicole is aggressive and knows exactly how to navigate the criminal justice system having handled thousands of sexual abuse crimes and criminal sexual conduct cases in not only Michigan, but throughout the United States.

Nicole’s experience in Macomb County as Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit and Child Abuse Unit puts her in a unique position of already knowing the prosecutions’ next move. As the Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit, Nicole was the one who was in charge of teaching other prosecutors and police officers how to approach a sex offense charge, how to investigate a sex offense charge, and how to handle all the ins and outs of sex crime and criminal sexual conduct cases.

No other rape defense attorney in Michigan can say the same! That makes Nicole a powerhouse focused on your sex crime case.


Justice for Tier 3 Sex Offender



Unlike other cases, criminal sexual conduct charges can be extremely damaging, embarrassing, and can carry very stiff penalties. Your reputation is the most important thing you have in life. Once you are investigated or charged for a statutory rape, offensive touching of a child, or sexual assault allegation, your reputation will be highly dependent on the outcome of your case. The stiff penalties for being accused of sexual assault are devastating. Nobody wants to have to be under Michigan lifetime electronic monitoring, register as a sex offender with the Michigan Sex Offender Registry, and/or have a sex offense on their permanent record to follow them through life.


Criminal Defense Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker


Wondering what to look for in a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in your sex crime case? You must have an attorney solely focused on sex crimes. Your choice can be the difference between a conviction and your charges being dropped. Nicole is not only a criminal sexual conduct attorney focused solely on sex crimes, she knows both sides of the law and will not stop fighting for you until your reputation and sanity are restored.


When it comes to defense attorneys who say they handle sex crime cases, experience matters the most, and Nicole has lots of it.

Nicole’s in-depth experience as the former Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit means she is very familiar with the other sides’ strategies, arguments, and tactics. This puts Nicole in an excellent place to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps that exist in your sex crime case. This, in turn, helps Nicole develop winning sexual assault defense strategies in every case she decides to take on.

Nicole Blank Becker on Sex Offenders Travel


NOW is not the time to settle for just any defense attorney in Michigan, or any other state for that matter. NOW is the time to hire the best defense attorney with the most experience and unparalleled success with sex crime cases.


The seriousness nature of sex crimes in Michigan cannot be overstated. These types of accusations are taken very seriously by all the parties involved, including the judges, the prosecution, and the detectives, in all jurisdictions in the United States, especially if a minor is involved. Besides, they are usually very emotive and attract a lot of negative attention.

Depending on the seriousness of your sexual abuse crimes, the charges could be categorized as criminal sexual conduct 1st degree, criminal sexual conduct 2nd degree, criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree, or criminal sexual conduct 4th degree. No matter the CSC degrees of your charges, Nicole can handle it with unmatched success.


The Statue of Justice - Lady Justice or Iustitia / Justitia the Roman Goddess of Justice


Criminal sexual conduct charges can cause the most damage to a person’s life and reputation compared to any other criminal charges. Upon conviction, the consequences of sex crimes can be overwhelming. Sex crime charges carry stiff penalties for the more severe offenses. For example, sexual child abuse penalties range from 25 years in prison to life.

Even if you could get away with shorter sentences, you may face other penalties that include lifetime electronic monitoring and having to register as a Michigan sex offender. Being a registered sex offender brings with it additional challenges that may affect you for the rest of your life. For example, a sex charge on your record will show up every time you seek a job, every time you seek a place to live, or every time you travel. Learn if sex offenders can travel here.

These consequences make it imperative that you have one of the most respected Michigan attorney’s, Nicole Blank Becker, by your side during the biggest fight of your life.


Hire Nicole Blank Becker



When faced with a sexual offense charge, hiring just any criminal defense lawyer may not help you very much. You will need to consult a Michigan sex crimes lawyer who focuses solely on sex crimes.

When facing sexual offense charges in Michigan, the criminal defense lawyer you need by your side through this stressful experience is Nicole Blank Becker. No one can boast the kind of experience Nicole has in handling sex-related charges in the state of Michigan. Her credentials speak for themselves.


Nicole Blank Becker - Blank Law, PC


Nicole’s experience does not stop at working with adults. Nicole also has years of experience questioning and interviewing children. She has questioned hundreds of children both on the witness stand and off, and she has been a part of hundreds of interviews done at the county Child Advocacy Centers (CAC). She has attended thousands of CAC interviews throughout her career.

Nicole’s experience in examining children will be your best kept secret. This experience comes in very handy when helping with sex cases involving child sexual abuse. It is one of the qualities that put her on top of the list of the most sought-after criminal defense attorneys in all of Michigan for sex-related crimes.

The federal judiciary of the United States


Nicole’s experience in the Michigan sex law gives her an added edge over her competition, allowing her to look at your case from three different perspectives:

  1. As a prosecutor, because of the years she spent prosecuting sex crimes in Macomb County
  2. As a defense attorney, because of the years she has spent as a sex crime attorney
  3. As a Sex Crime Expert, thanks to the experience she gained as the Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit and Child Abuse Unit in Macomb County (see: Macomb County Sex Crimes Lawyer)


Failure To Register As A Sex Offender


Nicole’s expertise and experience from all sides of the law in Michigan is an invaluable asset that will ensure that your rights are upheld and protected every step of the way during your fight for justice.

Nicole has an exhaustive understanding of the Michigan criminal sexual conduct law, putting her a step ahead of the rest. If you face sexual criminal charges in Michigan, or anywhere in the United States, you do not want to gamble with an inexperienced defense attorney.

Being the high-profile attorney she is, Nicole has represented clients in cases that drew a lot of media attention and has always fought to ensure that her clients’ rights are upheld.


Gavel and Themis statue in the court library.


With her experience, Nicole has managed to prevent media houses from covering and naming her clients in their media reporting, ensuring that their reputation is protected. She understands that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and always fights to ensure that remains so for her clients.


Having been a prosecutor and having had offenders in Michigan convicted and sentenced, Nicole understands sex crimes are no laughing matter. Nicole has seen it all when it comes to CSC 1st degree, CSC 2nd degree, CSC 3rd degree, and CSC 4th degree cases. When faced with any of these Michigan criminal sexual conduct charges, you need to have a reputable, respectable, and experienced criminal defense attorney by your side, and Nicole Blank Becker fits the bill.


Having done over thousands of jury trials, sex crimes attorney Nicole Blank Becker is no stranger to the pressure of trying jury trials in Michigan. Despite the pressure, Nicole does not shy away from going to trial and is ready to fight for her clients at any time in the courtroom.

Being the powerhouse she is, Nicole is never intimidated by the opposing counsel. Throughout her 20+ year career, she has faced off with several different prosecutors and opposing attorneys with unmatched success. When faced with a sex crime legal battle, Nicole always ensures that the client receives individualized attention and is handled with the most excellent precision.


Attorney Nicole Blank Becker - Michigan Sex Crimes Lawyer


To be an aggressive sexual assault criminal defense lawyer, an attorney must have a clear and concise understanding of the case’s ins and outs. That is precisely who Nicole Blank Becker is.

Talking about aggressiveness, Nicole is who you want in your corner. She understands when and how to fight, minimize damages, and negotiate, all of which are the defining characteristics of an aggressive lawyer.

When facing sexual offense charges, anything short of an aggressive attorney who knows sexual assault law could mean landing you life in prison or sentences of up to 25 years plus behind bars.

During Nicole’s experience as the Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit in Macomb County, she was in charge of authorizing and denying sexual assault warrants. Nicole understands the magnitude of the consequences of Michigan sex offender convictions. She believes that the accused rights should be upheld and protected. She will aggressively put up a fight for your life with unmatched dedication.


Since law school, persistence has been Nicole’s mantra. Through the years, Nicole has had one thing remaining constant, and that is a commitment to her work. Whether as a prosecutor, the Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit and Child Abuse Unit, or as a criminal defense attorney, Nicole has been persistent in seeing that justice is served to all of her clients who enlist her services.

Nicole will fight your legal battle in court with that same kind of persistence and is committed to ensuring the best representation for your sex charges in Michigan, and throughout the USA.

Michigan Sex Crimes Lawyer - Nicole Blank Becker


Nicole will advise you and make sure you clearly understand your options every step of the way. When you have Nicole by your side, you are assured of unwavering persistence from day one of your case all the way through to its conclusion. As information comes in, Nicole will persistently keep you abreast with the updates, keeping you in the know of your case’s progress.


The justice system’s complexity and the uncertainty of the outcomes can cause anxiety, fear, and confusion to the suspect. Most sex offenders, especially those charged with child sexual abuse, make the mistake of hesitating to seek legal assistance out of embarrassment.

When faced with sexual assault charges, the accused may believe that their charges are unique and that no criminal defense attorney would want to represent them. That could not be further from the truth when it comes to Nicole and her law firm. Nicole understands that facing sex charges does not mean that you are a terrible person. Nicole will show compassion in your predicament and is always ready to give you the honest advice you deserve.

Besides being compassionate, Nicole will review every detail of your case, along with the best and worst case scenarios with you.


Attorney Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Law PC


Nicole understands terrible things can happen to good people, and she will not judge you. Criminal sexual conduct charges have many stigmas attached to them, and Blank Law, PC will ensure that you do not feel stigmatized in any way when they are handling your sex offenses charge. When facing criminal sexual conduct charges in Michigan, you will not only need an experienced criminal attorney, you will also need one with compassion, and Nicole is that very person that you need.


One of the defining characteristics of a reliable criminal defense lawyer is honesty. As a principle, since stepping out of law school, Nicole always tells it like it is and will not promise you anything unrealistic or unattainable.

No matter the circumstances or the weight of the facts, Nicole has seen it all. She is always committed to being honest. She will help you understand the possible outcomes, even when they can be unpleasant at the time. Nicole’s honesty and transparency will be felt from the moment you speak to her. You will immediately feel comfortable and relieved that you have the right lawyer fighting for your best possible outcome in your sexual assault case.


The Blank Law, PC’s office, in Michigan, is always open and ready to welcome clients charged with criminal sexual conduct. We do not judge. We offer you the best representation possible, ensuring you get the most favorable outcome for your sex offenses charges.


Michigan Sex Crime Attorney - Nicole Blank Becker


Nicole is always ready to take your calls, read your emails, and answer all of your questions regarding your sex offenses charges. Nicole will do more than answer your legal questions, she will walk the journey with you. Like thousands of other Michigan residents, and of other states throughout the USA, you will be assured of the most favorable outcome.

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