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The legal/criminal justice system itself can be both scary and overwhelming to conquer alone. When you are in the fight for your life, you need a top criminal defense attorney on your side. Time is of the essence, and hiring an attorney should be the first call you make the moment you learn that you are being investigated and/or charged with a crime

The criminal justice system is not easy to navigate, especially if this is the accused’s first time involved with the system. Blank Law, PC has put together a step-by-step process to easily assist you in navigating the unknowns of the criminal justice system.


More times than not, when a client hires Blank Law, PC the client and his family have no idea how to navigate the criminal justice system, which is completely normal. Most clients (and their families) have the weight of the world on their shoulders once they learn they are being investigated and/or charged with a sex crime (and/or any other crime – learn how long you can be under investigation here). Your best opportunity at a fair and successful experience with the criminal justice system is to immediately call Blank Law, PC.

Blank Law, PC has a unique skill set that is different from any other lawyer in Michigan. Attorney Nicole Blank Becker, of Blank Law, PC has been on both sides of the law for the last 20+ years.  Nicole was a prosecutor, and is now a defense attorney; but even more impressive and unique is the fact that she was the prior Chief of the Sex Unit and Child Abuse Unit in Macomb County for years.

Nicole Blank Becker Blank Law PC

Nicole has been solely focused on sex crimes for over ten years. She is beyond qualified to handle any kind of criminal sexual conduct case that comes her way

Criminal sexual conduct (also commonly known as “CSC”) is an extremely serious criminal charge and can result in a lengthy prison sentence, Michigan lifetime electronic monitioring, and/or lifetime registration as a sex offender on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry.

So, what is criminal sexual conduct? Criminal sexual conduct is defined as any form of unwanted sexual contact obtained without consent and/or obtained through the use of force, threat of force, or coercion (see what does force or coercion mean).

If you are being investigated/charged with criinal behavior like criminal sexual conduct, no matter what the CSC degrees, you must contact Blank Law, PC immediately. Blank Law, PC soley focuses on sex crimes and is ready to stand up for you in the fight of your life. Blank Law, PC will be there to guide you through this difficult time and NEVER back down.


There are two levels of the court system that the accused will have to become familiar with once charged with a criminal sexual conduct charge.

District Court – The criminal process for the accused begins at the district court level. In Michigan, there are several different district courts. In order to determine which district court the accused must go to depends on which city the accuser claims to have been assaulted in. District court is where all misdemeanors are handled.

Circuit Court – After the accused has completed criminal court at the district court level, the accused will next go to court at circuit court. Every county/official government organization has one circuit court, where felonies are handled.


Below is a general list of stages that an accused will be required to navigate through in the criminal justice system. Review the list below and figure out what stage you are at; then, continue to follow the next step:

Criminal Justice System

Investigation Stage – An accuser has made a police report with police officers and either of the following may apply:

  • A detective has called you and asked you to come to the station and talk to him
  • A phone call or text message has been made to you and has been recorded by the law enforcement agencies

*Learn more about what it means when a detective calls you here.

Charged with a Sex Crime – Charged by the state.

Arraigned on the Charge(s) – Charges are read and bond decided (here are how bail bonds work).

Court Date: Preliminary Calendar Conference (PCC) – Blank Law, PC meets with the state for preliminary discussions.

Court Date: Preliminary Exam (PE) – Equivalent to a mini trial.

Your Case is Moved Up to Circuit Court – Felony cases only.

Arraignment on the Information – Charges are read again.

Court Date: Pretrial (PT) – Blank Law, PC meets with the state.

Court Date: Plead Guilty/Set for Jury Trial

Court Date: Taking of Guilty Plea Agreement/Jury Trial

Sentencing Hearing – Offenders sentenced.


In order to be put in the best position to fight your charge(s), you must have Blank Law, PC involved at the very beginning. Every stage of the criminal process requires a strong advocate on your side. Blank Law, PC will put you in the best position to combat such salacious charges.

Blank Law, PC knows the right timing for EXECUTING each stage of the legal proceedings process. Since Nicole has been on both sides of the table  (prosecution and defense) and was the prior Chief of the Sex Unit, she has navigated these waters thousands of times. Nicole knows exactly what argument to make during each stage of the legal process, and Blank Law, PC will be there to guide you and fight for you.

If your case is past one of the above stages, do NOT freak out, Blank Law, PC can undoubtedly still help you. Nicole can easily get up to speed on your case quickly. Do not settle for a firm that  “says” they handle sex crime cases; get the best, get the one who truly has handled thousands of sex crime cases. Attorney Nicole Blank Becker has the experience that no other lawyer in Michigan has.


Negotiating is a learned skill. For the 20+ years of practicing criminal law and having been both a prosecutor and a defense attoreny, and more importatnly the Chief of the Sex Unit, Nicole knows her way around the courtroom.

Nicole is a master at negotiating. The importance of negotiating/plea bargaining when it comes to criminal sexual conduct charges should not be understated. In order to successfully negotiate on your behalf, you need a lawyer with extreme knowledge about criminal sexual conduct 1st degree: person under 13. Nicole has successfully negotiated hundreds of cases involving criminal sexual conduct 1st degree, with a child under 13 years old.

Although negotiating is not always the answer for your case, as the case evolves it may become something to consider. Not only do you need an extraordinary trial court lawyer, you need an extraordinary negotiator. Nicole is both those things wrapped into one.


The law enforcement agencies and the state do not take any report of criminal sexual conduct lightly. Especially due to the climate of the world right now, a majority of sexual assault claims are followed through on, investigated, and ultimately charged. If the accuser decides, today is the day that he or she makes a police report including accusations of a sexual assault (see what is statutory rape), the accused person’s world is about to be turned upsidedown. The accused needs to contact Blank Law, PC and get the help he or she deserves.


Blank Law, PC is beyond qualified to represent the accused in any sex crime case, including, but not limited to:

By hiring Blank Law, PC you have the benefit of hiring Attorney Nicole Blank Becker, who was the Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit for years in Macomb County. Nicole has read and reviewed thousands of warrants (requests by law enforcement officers to charge the accused), and she was the one instructing others on how to handle criminal sexual conduct cases.

Nicole has negotiated thousands of sexual assault criminal cases. She has gone to bench trial on hundreds of criminal sexual conduct cases. Nicole has put in the work to be able to say there is not a case she can not handle. With Nicole’s knowledge and focus on solely sex crimes, you can rest assured you are getting the best representation out there.


As soon as you are aware that you or someone you know is being investigated and/or charged with a sex crime, you need a top lawyer by your side and in your corner. Blank Law, PC’s years of experience and focus on sex crime cases will be the best asset you could have in your corner. Blank Law, PC will be your spokesperson and will immediately get involved.


Criminal sexual conduct is one of the most heinous crimes a person can be charged with. Criminal sexual conduct is a crime that will undoubtedly change the rest of your life.

When facing a life altering experience, who do you want by your side? Someone who pretends to know the ins and outs of combating Michigan criminal sexual conduct charges, or someone who truly knows the ins and outs and how to effectively and successfully combat criminal sexual conduct charges and has the life experience to back up her claims?!!  You need Blank Law, PC in your corner. Blank Law, PC is ready and prepared to get in the ring and fight for you. There is no time to delay, the time is now.


Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Law, PC was the Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit and the Child Abuse Unit for years in Macomb County. Nicole’s 20+ years of experience on both sides of the courtroom, both as an assistant prosecutor and a as a defense attorney, are weapons that every person accused of a sex crime should have in their corner.

Nicole has the knowledge and experience necessary to fight for you and be the advocate you need to fight for your freedom. There are a number of lawyers who claim they have worked on both sides of the courtroom, but none can say they were previously the Chief of the Sex Crimes or Child Abuse Unit. Nicole is an anomaly who stands ready to fight for justice.


Think about if you or someone you love had a life threatening heart problem, would you go to your general family doctor, or would you go to a specialist, a doctor who focuses solely on hearts?

Obviously, when your life’s on the line, you go see the doctor who focuses solely on the heart, no matter what the cost, in order to save yourself or the person you love. The same goes for a defense lawyer. Why go to a firm that has a “general” practice, who will tell you “yes we handle sex crimes,” when you can go to a lawyer who truly only focuses on sex crimes and understands the seriousness, uncertainty, and anxiety of being charged with a criminal sexual condcut crime comes with?

Nicole Calling Card

Blank Law, PC has been hired on sexual assault cases at all different stages of the criminal process. Nicole is beyond qualified to handle the criminal process and your rights. The fight of your life has begun, contact Attorney Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Law, PC immediately so you can have justice in your corner.

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