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What To Do If You Are Falsely Accused Of A Sex Crime in Michigan

False Accusations of Criminal Sexual Conduct

False accusations of criminal sexual conduct is becoming too common nowadays. More and more people are being wrongfully accused of sex crimes day after day. If you or someone you know is wrongfully accused of a sex crime, an aggressive criminal defense is a must to avoid conviction.

In most criminal sexual conduct charges, most people tend to assume or conclude that the person being accused is guilty. This is why an aggressive and well-experienced criminal sexual conduct lawyer is very important to prove your innocence. It’s very important to get a lawyer that knows and understands the trouble that a false sex crime allegations could cause.

What to do if you are wrongfully accused of a sex crime?

Avoid making any statements

Don’t ever talk to anyone about the charges you are facing. Even if it’s someone you know, don’t talk about it. Even if you yourself know that you are truly innocent of said crime, don’t talk about it. Instead, consult an attorney immediately and let her or him do the talking on your behalf. Tell those people who are asking you questions to ask your attorney instead for the answers.

Even if the person asking you questions is your close friend, relative, a police officer, a detective who tells you that they are on your side, etc. – don’t give any kind of statement. Your words can be twisted and it could ruin your defense.

Consult with a sex crime lawyer immediately

The moment you learn there are sex crime accusations made against you, contact a Michigan sex crime lawyer immediately. It’s very critical that you hire a lawyer immediately, so that you can build a good solid defense as early as possible. This will also allow you to have more time communicating everything to your lawyer and establishing trust and faith with each other.

Hire Attorney Nicole Blank Becker

If you or someone you know is wrongfully accused of criminal sexual conduct in Michigan, it’s imperative that you hire an aggressive Michigan sex crime lawyer immediately.  No one in the entire state of Michigan has more experience with Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Crimes than Nicole. She has the unique skill set and in-depth understanding of Sex and Abuse Crimes and understands the arguments prosecutors may use. She can easily work to build the strongest defense possible to aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for your case. Contact Nicole Blank Becker now for free consultation.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker