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Compared to other criminal offenders, people who are accused of sex crimes usually experience the worst social stigma and disgrace. The public typically refuses to treat those accused of sex crimes as innocent until proven guilty. Instead, they are treated as though the court has already found them guilty and sentenced them.


Sex offense charges devastate people’s lives, wreck entire families, and strain intimate relationships. Defendants found guilty of any sex offense face consequences that drastically affect their lives. They are often subjected to harsh punishments, including probation, a lengthy prison sentence, and fines. They must also register as sex offenders and may be subjected to lifetime electronic monitoring.

Fight Your Sex Crime Charges in Lansing, MI

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If you have been accused of a sex offense, you need to hire an experienced sex crime lawyer right away because the penalties for conviction are severe. Nicole Blank Becker is a top criminal sexual conduct attorney who fights for those facing sex crime accusations in Lansing, MI. She is prepared to help you secure the best possible outcome in your sex offense case.


Blank Law, PC defends you against criminal charges when you create an attorney-client relationship with our law firm. Our legal team assists you in building solid sexual assault defense strategies against sex crime allegations. Book a free initial case consultation with us today.

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If you are accused of a sexual offense anywhere in Lansing, MI, Attorney Nicole Blank Becker is the sex crimes defense lawyer you need. Blank Law, PC also represents defendants in Macomb County, Wayne County, Oakland County, Ingham County, Livingston County, Lapeer County, along with all other areas in Michigan and throughout the United States.


Attorney Nicole Blank Becker and her team of experienced attorneys have successfully represented several defendants in sex crime cases in Lansing, MI. Nicole is a renowned CSC defense attorney with years of experience in Michigan law on sex crimes. We have handled sex crime cases involving internet sex crimes, date rape, child molestation, sexual assault, statutory rape, and indecent exposure.

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Blank Law, PC will work with you to design an aggressive criminal sexual conduct defense plan to help you defeat the sex offense allegations made against you. Attorney Nicole Blank Becker and our sexual assault lawyers at Blank Law, PC can be trusted with the details of your case, including confidential or sensitive information because she upholds the confidentiality of the attorney-client relationship. This contact form sends information about your case straight to her table.

What is Criminal Sexual Conduct?

So, what is criminal sexual conduct? All sex offenses in Michigan are collectively referred to as criminal sexual conduct (CSC). Rape, child molestation, internet sex crimes, lewd behavior, sexual abuse, indecent exposure, and child pornography are all examples of CSC. These crimes are categorized into one of four degrees of CSC based on the seriousness of the offense and the alleged victim’s age. Crimes involving sexual penetration frequently come under criminal sexual conduct 1st degree and criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree. However, unwanted sexual contact or offensive touching are crimes of either criminal sexual conduct 2nd degree or criminal sexual conduct 4th degree.

CSC Degree


CSC 1st degree refers to the gravest sexual offenses involving sexual penetration, including oral, anal, and vaginal penetration. It often entails aggravating factors, such as a person under 13 or a mentally or physically incapacitated victim. Examples of crimes classified as CSC 1st degree include date rape, statutory rape, and child molestation. First degree CSC is a felony punishable by a maximum life term, a hefty fine, or both (see: CSC 1st degree Michigan penalty).


Severe sex offenses involving unwelcome sexual contact fall under CSC 2nd degree. You may be prosecuted with 2nd degree CSC if you touch another person for sexual arousal or gratification without their consent. Examples of CSC 2nd degree offenses include child sexual abuse and sexual battery. Offenses under this category carry a maximum 15-year sentence, according to the Michigan Sentencing Guidelines (see: CSC 2nd degree Michigan penalty).

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Third degree CSC also involves crimes relating to sexual penetration. However, it typically covers cases involving people 13 thru 15 years old, unlike first degree CSC. Defendants convicted of CSC 3rd degree may be given a mandatory minimum sentence in Michigan (see: CSC 3rd degree Michigan penalty).


Fourth degree CSC in Michigan covers the least serious sex offenses. Crimes under this category involve sexually touching another person for sexual purposes. For instance, anyone who caresses another person’s breasts, penis, vagina, or anus without their consent will be charged with CSC 4th degree. It does not matter whether the victim is naked or not. The maximum sentence for 4th degree CSC is two years (see: CSC 4th degree Michigan penalty).


Defendants convicted of any CSC degree face severe penalties in Michigan. The most common punishments are hefty fines and lengthy prison terms, ranging from a few years to a maximum life sentence. Sex offender registration on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry is also required in the state for anyone convicted of a sex crime. In addition, offenders may also be listed on the child abuse registry if the victim of the crime is a minor.

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Sex crime cases in Lansing, MI can adversely affect your relationships, reputation, and general quality of life. You risk losing your employment, professional license, and visa if you are an immigrant in the United States.


Therefore, you need a criminal defense lawyer to beat criminal charges for a sexual offense. Our sex offender lawyers at Blank Law, PC are ready to represent anyone facing sex crime allegations in East Lansing, MI, along with all other cities across the state.

Why You Need a Lansing CSC Defense Lawyer

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You need a team of sexual abuse lawyers if you face a criminal sexual conduct charge in Lansing, MI, or elsewhere in Michigan. You increase your chances of success when you hire a criminal defense lawyer with experience in dealing with Michigan law on sexual crimes. By hiring a competent lawyer in Michigan, you can get advice on recent legal changes that could impact your case. With the aid of a seasoned Lansing defense lawyer, you can easily navigate the criminal justice system and interact with law enforcement officers.


Blank Law, PC is a law firm committed to providing excellent legal counsel to those accused of sex crimes in Lansing, MI.

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Our services include:

●    Defending those involved in sex crimes cases

●    Working with them to prevent a sex crime conviction

●    Clearing their reputation


Contact us to arrange a Michigan criminal defense attorney free consultation.

Legal Defenses to a CSC Charge

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You can prove your innocence or prevent a conviction with a solid defense strategy. Several legal defenses may be appropriate in a sex crime case. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a criminal defense lawyer to ascertain the most suitable defense.


Consent is often considered a solid legal defense in CSC cases. Proving that the alleged victim agreed to the sexual act could serve as a valid defense against sex offense allegations. Possessing a reliable alibi is another valid defense when accused of sexual assault. The charges against you can be withdrawn if there is enough proof that you were not present at the crime scene.

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Another solid defense is a lack of sufficient evidence establishing your guilt. Situations of inadequate evidence might occur without physical evidence, like a medical report or DNA samples. Mistaken identity is another popular defense used in sexual assault cases. Sometimes victims have trouble identifying the perpetrators. So, if you can demonstrate that the victim has made a mistake, you might be able to refute accusations of sexual abuse.

Can a Lansing CSC Defense Attorney Get You Off the Sex Offender Registry?

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The Michigan Sex Offender Registry contains criminal records of those convicted of sex crimes in Michigan. The public can access an offender’s criminal history on the registry, which might make it challenging to get a job or a place to live.


Some offenders must keep a criminal record on file with the sex offender registry for life. In contrast, others are placed on the registry for a specific duration. Therefore, you may be able to get your sex crime expunged from the registry, depending on the severity of the sex offense with which you have been charged. Contact our Michigan criminal defense attorneys at Blank Law, PC to determine if you can delete your record as a sex offender.

Blank Law, PC Will Assist You in any Criminal Sexual Conduct Case in Lansing, Michigan

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Attorney Nicole Blank Becker and the team of attorneys at Blank Law, PC are prepared to defend you if you or your loved one faces sex crime charges in Lansing, MI. She and her team are renowned criminal defense attorneys in Michigan with decades of experience fighting for those accused of sex crimes.


Having served as a former criminal prosecutor in Macomb County, Nicole Blank Becker has a distinct advantage over all other sex offense attorneys in Michigan. She can create an aggressive CSC defense strategy tailored specifically for your case if you have been accused of any sexual offense, including date rape, internet sex crimes, sexual abuse, and indecent exposure.


Our attorneys will help you navigate police investigation and deal with federal prosecutors if necessary. We will provide excellent legal representation to ensure the best outcome in your case. With Blank Law, PC on your side, you can get the sex crime charges against you completely dropped. You can also have the severity of the penalty reduced should you be convicted of the offense.

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Our army of criminal sexual conduct attorneys are willing to help you, regardless of the crime you have been charged with. You can trust Blank Law, PC to protect any confidential or sensitive information you share. Reach out to us for a free case evaluation now.