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The 4 Different Degrees Of Criminal Sexual Conduct

Being charged with any crime certainly can be scary, but being charged with a crime that involves Sexual Allegations, especially when the accusations are NOT TRUE, that is a whole other level of scary. 


You need an attorney who isn’t afraid to stand up for you and won’t back down.  An attorney who has years and years of experience working with sex crimes.  As both a prior prosecutor, and Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit, and as a previous defense attorney, Attorney Nicole Blank Becker is the attorney you want in your corner when justice must be served.  Sex Crimes are all she does.  Does she have experience in other crimes as well?  Absolutely, but sexual assault cases are her focus.  She not only walks the walk, but she talks the talk. When you learn that you, a family member, a friend, etc. is being investigated or charged with a sexually related crime, you must IMMEDIATELY CALL ATTORNEY NICOLE BLANK BECKER and have her in your corner.   


The most common charges related to sex crimes are Criminal Sexual Conduct charges.  There are four (4) different Criminal Sexual Assault charges that need to be understood so you have an idea of what you are facing. 


There are Four (4) different Degrees of charges under the umbrella of Criminal Sexual Conduct:


Each degree (level) of Criminal Sexual Conduct has different “elements”.  An “element” is what must be proven “Beyond A Reasonable Doubt” (BARD) by the government at a jury trial.  The “elements” differentiate each Degree.   In order to understand what degree (level) your situation fits into, you must have a good understanding of what the differences are between each degree. 


If you click on the 4 different Criminal Sexual Conduct charges listed above, you will find a detailed explanation of what each one means/requires.  Do not expect to be an expert simply by reading about the different degrees of sex crimes.  Attorney Nicole Blank Becker has years and years of experience and training in this specific field.  In fact, she was the Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit for years.   Don’t be fooled by attorneys who SAY THEY HANDLE SEX CRIMES.   When you are facing serious charges, like Criminal Sexual Conduct First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree and/or Fourth Degree, your future and your life’s on the line, don’t settle for less, remember, you get what you pay for. 


Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, 3rd Degree and 4th Degree all involve very serious consequences.  Being charged with these types of crimes is no laughing matter.  Waiting, wishing and hoping that you are not charged with a sex crime is not wise.   Thinking you can talk your way out of these charges is not wise when your future is on the line.




Q:  Is there a difference in penalty per Degree?  

A:  Yes.  Each Degree has its own set of penalties that go along with each Degree.  The lower the number, the higher the penalty.  (See the description of each degree above in order to understand the penalty differences)


Q:  Is there a limit as to how many different charges i can be charged with? 

A:  No.  The Government can charge you with one count of First Degree Criminal Sexual conduct or 20 charges of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct.  Additionally, the government can charge you with any combination of 1st Degree, 2nd Degree,  3rd Degree and/or 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct per each individual act.


Q:  If I am originally charged with one count of Criminal Sexual conduct in the 3rd Degree, can that charge be increased to Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 1st Degree?

A:  Yes.  The government has the right, under the law, to change/increase/decrease a charge at any time during the entire criminal process.  So, for example,  if you are initially charged with 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, the government can change it to 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, so long as the facts (elements). Fit the charge.   


Q:  Are there other sexual assault charges besides 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct?

A:  Yes.  You may be charged with Assault with intent to commit Criminal Sexual Conduct, Attempt Criminal Sexual Conduct, Strangulation, etc.  (See the bottom of the home page for additional information on these crimes)


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