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STEP 1:  Consent forms are discussed and signed prior to initiating the SANE exam.

STEP 2:  Patient’s Information is taken. Ex: Name, Address, Date of Birth, etc.

STEP 3:  Medical History is taken. Ex: Last menstrual period, Consensual Sex within the last 96 hours, condom used, date of the assault, time of assault, alcohol/drugs involved, name of the accused, etc. 

STEP 4: Accuser’s description of offense: The accuser describes the acts that he/she claims occurred.  

STEP 5:  Symptoms since the assault.

STEP 6:  Physical Examination of the accuser. 

STEP 7:   Strangulation assessment (if needed).  

STEP 8:  Body Diagram: A body diagram is marked up.  The map shows the measure and descriptions of any abnormalities on the accuser’s body. (front, side and back)    

STEP 9:  Internal and External Detailed Examination of accuser.

STEP 10:  Any treatment that needs to be provided.  Ex: Pregnancy test results, Emergency contraception.   

STEP 11:  Evidence Collection Kit.  This is the step where forensic specimens/items will be placed in a rape kit and sent directly to the laboratory.

STEP 12:  Voluntary Release of Evidence signed by the accuser.