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Sex Offender Tier Levels: What You Need to Know

The Michigan Sex Offender Registry divides sex offenders into three different tiers or levels. These levels are called sex offender tiers, and are known as follows:

● Tier I Sex Offenders

● Tier II Sex Offenders

● Tier III Sex Offenders

If you are not familiar with these tiers or levels, here is a simple explanation of each level and how they are used for classifying sex offenders.

The tier classification all started after the Adam Walsh Act was enacted into law. This has become the standard for Michigan state police officers and authorities in classifying sex offenses.

Under the Sex Offender Registration act (SORA), Michigan sex offenses are classified based on the sex crime committed, the age of the people involved, and the likability of the person committing the same type of sex offense again.

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Sex Offender Tier Levels

A minor sex offense falls under Tier 1, while the worst or most serious sex crimes fall under Tier 3 (according to SORA). To explain further, here is a list of unlawful sexual conduct crimes that can give you an overview of what classifies registered sex offenders/convicted sex offenders under Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3:

Tier I Sex Offender

*Learn more about what is a tier 1 sex offender here

Tier II Sex Offender

*Learn more about what is a tier 2 sex offender here

Tier III Sex Offender

*Learn more about what is a tier 3 sex offender here

This list of sexual offenses is just a simple overview and is not exhaustive. For more information, call our experienced criminal defense attorney at Blank Law, PC for immediate assistance.

Each and every tier requires different public sex offender registration periods. Sex offender registries in Michigan are required by law to register their addresses a certain number of times, at specific times of the year, in the public registry. Their names are also required to stay on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry or public sex offender registry for certain periods of time based on their category or assigned tiers. To explain further, see below:

Tier One

Residence and personal information verification (must be in-person) once a year for 15 years and is to be listed in the public registry.

Tier Two

Residence and personal information verification (must be in-person) twice a year for 25 years and is to be listed in the public registry.

Tier Three

Residence and personal information verification (must be in-person) four times a year for a lifetime and is to be listed in the public registry.

Learn more about failure to register as a sex offender and the Michigan sex offender registry laws here.

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Being classified as a convicted sex offender/registered sex offender is truly a life changing situation. Your name might get listed in the public registry for a long period of time unless you act on it.

Want to know how to get off the sex offender registry in Michigan? Hiring Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Law, PC gives you the absolute best shot of achieving that.

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If you or someone you know is accused of a sex crime and is highly likely to be included on one of these tiers and get listed at public sex offender registry, you better call a top Michigan criminal sexual conduct attorney that solely focuses on sex crimes and sexual abuse cases immediately. Do not let your name get listed in the public sex offender registry! Call Blank Law, PC at (248) 515-6583 or contact Attorney Nicole Blank Becker via this online form now.

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