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Michigan Sex Crime Appeals – Things You Should Know

If you or someone you know is convicted by trial or has plead guilty for a sex crime here in Michigan, you should consider filing a criminal appeal. Although the case has been resolved and the judge already handed down the verdict, it’s not over yet. You can still file an appeal for the dismissal of your case. This appeal can have a significant effect on yours or your loved ones freedom in the long run.

With all the facts presented and issued refined, all you need now is a different approach to present and get an outcome that is favorable on your end.  You’ll also need a highly skilled appeals attorney focusing on Michigan sex crimes to review every facet of your case. With the help of this attorney, you’ll put an emphasis on the other parts or pieces of evidence so that the judge that handles your case will reconsider your motion of appeal.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker - Michigan Sex Crimes Lawyer

Nowdays, innocent people are convicted of sex crimes that they haven’t even committed.  With the rise of the #MeToo movement, more and more personalities – celebrities, politicians and sports superstars are being charged with criminal sexual conduct, rape, molestation and other sex crimes without definitive proof or evidence. Worst, there are people who fabricate charges to squeeze out money from their target.

If you are looking for the best Michigan sex crimes lawyer to handle your appeal, you are in the right place. Attorney Nicole Blank Becker can definitely help you through this process.

Nicole was the Chief of Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit at the Macomb County Prosecutor’s office for 6 years. She was in the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse unit for 8 years. Nicole was at the Prosecutor’s Office for 16 years. Right out of law school, she did defense work. Her in-depth experience with Sex and Abuse cases will give her the advantage and insider knowledge regarding the tactics and the strategies that the prosecution may use in their case against you.

Her unique skill set and great understanding of Sex and Abuse Crimes can surely help in building and formulating the strongest defense possible to aggressively pursue the best possible outcome for your case.