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Michigan Child Pornography Law – Things That You Should Know

A sex crime charge in Michigan that involves child pornography is very serious. When a person is said to be in possession of sexually explicit materials that features minors, it will instantly ruin their careers, family relationship and their lives as a whole. If you or someone you know is charged with a child pornography related charge and are eventually convicted, some of the possible penalties are as follows:

– hard jail time

– hefty fines and court costs

– required to be registered at Michigan sex offender registry

– have to stay away from living or working in areas near children, like schools

– suspended professional license

Aside from these punishment and penalties under the Michigan sex crime law, you will also face the following situations:

– life long stigma

– loss of career

– loss of contact and custody with your kids

– loss of friendships

– ruined reputation

Don’t let these penalties and consequences haunt you and your loved ones for life. If you or someone you know is charged with a sex crime in Michigan that relates to child pornography, you must immediately talk to an experienced and aggressive Michigan sex crime attorney.

A lawyer with vast experience defending against sex crime cases that involves child pornography can effectively help you fight all the accusations against you. A lawyer will help protect your rights and dignity all throughout the process. A truly good sex crime lawyer can eventually help you avoid charges, get your case dismissed or lessen the charges’ effect on your life as a whole.

If you want a reputable and reliable Michigan sex crime lawyer with a proven track record in handling Michigan child pornography charges, contact Attorney Nicole Blank Becker now. Nicole has had dozens of cases covered by the media and written up in the paper. You cannot afford to not hire the best!

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