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Sex crime accusations are generally the target of intense prosecution in Lapeer County, Michigan. If the judge and jury find you guilty of sex offenses, you risk going to jail and having to register as a sex offender in your community.

Your best chance to dismiss sex crime allegations and prove your innocence is to employ the support of a Lapeer County sex crimes lawyer.

Potential Sex Crime Charges in Lapeer County, Michigan

Sex crimes charges in Lapeer County fall under the Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC) laws as they are defined by the State of Michigan, and they include:

1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

This is the most flagrant form of a sex crime in Michigan. In most cases, it defines rape, and as an offender, you risk receiving a life sentence in prison.

2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

In the State of Michigan, this crime includes the sexual battery, indecent sexual liberties, and unwanted sexual touching. If you are found guilty of it, you risk spending numerous years in prison.

3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

This crime defines the sexual penetration of teens or adults with mental or physical disabilities. This heinous wrongdoing can result in lengthy prison time if the jury finds you guilty of it.

4th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

This category of sex crimes includes a wide variety of sexual offenses that range from unwanted touching of people to harassment. You may spend several years in prison if you are proven guilty of such felonies.

Assault with Intent to Commit Criminal Sexual Conduct

This crime refers to violent touching and assault to rape someone. A guilty conviction will have you spend many years behind bars besides seeing your social reputation forever tarnished.

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

If you have been convicted for sex crimes, you have to register as a sex offender in Lapeer County. Failure to do so may result in lengthy jail time and severe fines.

Child Pornography

Producing, financing, distributing, or possessing material that is sexually abusive of children is serious felony crimes everywhere in Michigan. In Lapeer County, these horrible acts can lead to huge fines and several years of prison for convicted criminals.

Prostitution & Solicitation

Both committing prostitution and soliciting it represents sexual misdemeanors in Lapeer County where they are punishable by law with jail time and considerable fines.

How can a Lapeer County Sex Crimes Lawyer Help?

Receiving accusations of any of the sex crimes above can result in you spending many years in a Michigan State prison, paying huge fines, and losing your reputation.

If you want to defend your case against false allegations, you should employ the help of a Lapeer County sex crimes lawyer. A professional in this field has the necessary expertise and legal means to prove your innocence and help you redeem your credibility.

Contact a Lapeer County sex crimes attorney today to find out how you can win a case of sex offense accusations, and defend your family’s honor and your future.

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