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Criminal sexual conduct is considered a heinous crime in Michigan that carries severe penalties. Sex offenders suffer severe consequences, including sex offender registration and jail time. Those falsely accused of sex crimes may also be subject to unpleasant situations, including strained relationships and a tarnished reputation.

As a result, you must respond to sex crime allegations promptly and effectively. A sex crime conviction could have a long-lasting detrimental impact on your life and relationships. Retaining a criminal sexual conduct attorney should be your immediate response to a criminal investigation or arrest for an alleged sex offense.

While you may get several recommendations about the best criminal defense attorneys in Bloomfield Hills, MI, ensure that you hire an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who will fight for you. Nicole Blank Becker is the top Bloomfield Hills criminal sexual conduct defense attorney. Over the years, she has represented several clients facing sex crime charges in Bloomfield Hills, MI, and all throughout Michigan. You can trust her to develop aggressive sexual assault defense strategies for you in your sex crime case.

Bloomfield Hills Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyer

Nicole Blank Becker Lawyer of Blank Law PC

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker is committed to defending clients accused of sexual assault in Bloomfield Hills, MI, and everywhere else in Michigan. She has helped those falsely accused of CSC prove their innocence and avoid being convicted. She has also helped defendants obtain reduced punishments when found guilty of a criminal offense in Michigan.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker has experience representing clients accused of sex offenses, including statutory rape, date rape, child molestation, and child pornography. She has a significant advantage over other sexual assault lawyers in Michigan because of her previous experience working as a prosecuting attorney in the Sex Crime and Child Abuse departments at Macomb County.

Nicole offers skilled legal representation in Michigan and works hard to get the best outcome for her clients. She respects the sanctity of the attorney-client relationship, and you confide in her with all of the specifics of your case, including confidential or sensitive information. Armed with the facts of your case, Nicole can advise you on your available legal options and help you navigate the Michigan criminal justice system. You can rely on her to look out for your best interests at any time.

Contact our law office if you or your loved one has been charged with criminal sexual conduct or any other sex-related crime in Bloomfield Hills, MI, or anywhere else in Michigan. We are ready and available to help you fight the CSC charges brought against you.

Understanding the Four Degrees of Criminal Sexual Conduct Under Michigan Criminal Law

All sex offenses in Michigan are considered criminal sexual conduct (CSC). Examples of sex crimes amounting to criminal sexual conduct include rape, child molestation, internet sex crimes, lewd behavior, sexual abuse, indecent exposure, statutory rape, and child pornography. Depending on the crime’s seriousness and the alleged victim’s age, these charges are divided into four CSC degrees.

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Sex crimes involving sexual penetration are often classified under the CSC 1st degree and CSC 3rd degree. On the other hand, sex offenses involving inappropriate sexual contact or offensive touching are categorized as CSC 2nd degree and CSC 4th degree.

CSC 1st Degree

Criminal sexual conduct 1st degree refers to the most severe sex offenses involving sexual penetration, including child molestation and rape. Additionally, aggravating factors may be present under this CSC degree, such as a victim that is a person under 13 years of age, mentally incapacitated, or physically helpless. The maximum CSC 1st degree Michigan penalty is life in prison.

CSC 2nd Degree

Severe sex offenses involving unwanted sexual contact are referred to as criminal sexual conduct 2nd degree. Sexual battery is an example of 2nd degree CSC. Unlawful sexual contact with another person for arousal or gratification may result in sexual abuse 2nd degree charges. The maximum CSC 2nd degree Michigan penalty is 15 years imprisonment.

CSC 3rd Degree

Criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree refers to other sex offenses involving sexual penetration that are not categorized as a first degree criminal sexual act. Third degree CSC frequently applies to circumstances when the victim is a person 13 thru 15 years old. In Michigan, the judge may impose a mandatory minimum sentencing if a person is found guilty of sex offenses amounting to third degree CSC.

CSC 4th Degree

Criminal sexual conduct 4th degree in Michigan covers minor sex offenses. Touching another person for sexual purposes is classified as CSC 4th degree. For example, anyone who feels another person’s anus, penis, vagina, or breasts without that person’s consent will be charged with 4th degree sexual assault. It does not matter if the alleged victim was covered up or not. The maximum CSC 4th degree Michigan penalty term is two years in prison.

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Criminal sexual conduct is punishable by hefty fines or lengthy sentences ranging from a few years to a possible life term. Anyone convicted of a sex offense in Michigan will be subjected to compulsory sex offender registration. The sex offender may also be listed on the child abuse registry if the alleged victim is a child.

You need to hire a sex crimes lawyer to prevent being convicted of sex offenses in Michigan. An experienced criminal defense attorney can also help you avoid having a permanent criminal record with the Michigan Sex Offender Registry. There are several sexual assault lawyers in Michigan. Still, it would help if you chose a seasoned defense lawyer with a successful track record in handling different sex offenses.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker is a top defense lawyer in Bloomfield Hills, MI. She has years of experience defending individuals charged with CSC charges all around the state. She also supports those who have been falsely accused of a sex offense. She is also ready to defend you in your criminal case. This contact form sends information about your legal issue straight to her.

Potential Legal Defenses Against Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Criminal charges can be defeated with skilled legal representation and a solid criminal sexual conduct defense. Several legal defenses may be available to fend off CSC allegations in Michigan. You should consult a sex crimes defense lawyer before deciding the best action in your sex offense case.


The most common defense against accusations of sexual assault is consent. Consensual sexual activity between adults is not against the law. Therefore, if the victim is 17 or older and the sexual activity was consensual, consent could be utilized as a legal defense in such circumstances.

However, consent does not apply if the victim is a juvenile, because a minor cannot consent (see: what is the age of consent in Michigan?). Additionally, a victim who is physically or mentally incapable of consent cannot. Furthermore, if you honestly and firmly believe that the victim is an adult, this could support your legal defense. It might not result in the charges against you being dropped, but it might make the penalty less severe.

Having an Alibi

Possessing a reliable alibi is another solid defense against accusations of a sex offense. The charges against you can be withdrawn if there is enough proof that you were not present at the crime scene.

Mistaken Identity

Mistaken identity is another common defense used in sexual assault cases. Sometimes victims have trouble identifying the perpetrators, which may be due to alcohol or forgetfulness. Suppose you can demonstrate that the police made a mistake in identifying you for the perpetrator. In that case, you might be able to refute accusations of sexual assault in these circumstances.

If you are facing CSC accusations in Bloomfield Hills, MI, our legal team at Blank Law, PC, is prepared to assist you with developing an aggressive legal defense. Contact us right away for a Michigan criminal defense attorney free consultation.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker Provides a Solid Legal Defense Against Sex Crime Charges in Bloomfield Hills, MI

It would help if you had an aggressive criminal defense to win your CSC case. Even a conviction for misdemeanor sex crimes can have long-lasting adverse effects on your life. Our legal team is aware of the delicate nature of sex crime cases and the potential for punishments.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Law, PC is qualified to examine your case thoroughly. She will also counsel you on your legal options and help you develop a solid criminal defense. She continually prioritizes your interests and ensures your legal rights are protected.

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Nicole Blank Becker is a seasoned CSC defense attorney in Michigan with years of experience handling cases involving sex offenses. If you or a loved one is being sued for sexual abuse, she can defend you. At Blank Law, PC, after an attorney-client relationship has been established, we will assist you in developing a solid criminal sexual conduct defense in your case. Call us right away for a free consultation at (248) 515-6583.

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