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Alleged Victim Did Not Report The Sex Crime For Years, Does That Mean I Don’t Have To Worry?

One of the frequently asked questions I received the past few months is this:

The alleged victim did not report the rape or sexual assault for months or years, does that mean that I don’t have to worry?

Let’s discuss my answer below.

First and foremost, the delayed reporting of a sexual assault is no reason to discredit the alleged victim or the accuser. There are cases wherein the alleged victim reports sexual abuse that took place decades ago. There are many reasons behind this and one of the most often used ones is the trauma that it brought to the alleged victim.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker

This basically means that even though the alleged abuse or sexual assault took place months or years ago, the alleged victim can still file a case against you. If you are not prepared, you can be put in jail within a matter of days.

Don’t take sex crime cases lightly. Even if the alleged sexual assault happened a decade ago, you still need to consult a lawyer to talk about your situation and discuss the worst case scenario. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer whose main focus is sex crime cases. Let them know about the whole situation, the person involved, the things that you did or didn’t do and so on. Be proactive about the situation, so you and your lawyer can create a solid defense on your case.

Remember, even though the alleged victim didn’t report the alleged crime immediately, that doesn’t mean that she or he won’t be reporting it in the near future. Even if that you know to your self that you are completely innocent, still, you’ll need an experienced sex crime lawyer to defend your innocence on the court.

If you are in Michigan, Attorney Nicole Blank Becker is your best choice.  Nicole approaches her defense strategy from a unique position, having worked as a Wayne County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, a Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor and a defense attorney at the Legal Aid Defender Office.  Because of Nicole’s in-depth experience with Sex and Abuse cases, she understands the arguments that may be used on both sides of the courtroom, it’s as though she has insider knowledge regarding the tactics and the strategies that the prosecution may use in their case against you.

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