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Over the years, we have provided solid defense representation to criminal defendants facing sex crime allegations in Michigan. We have also fought for clients accused of felony and misdemeanor sex crimes, including internet sex crimes, gross indecency, child sexual abuse, criminal sexual conduct, statutory rape, possession, production, and distribution of child pornography, child molestation, solicitation of a minor, and child protective services investigations.

Our legal team at Blank Law, PC, can offer legal support if you have been accused of a sex offense or are being investigated for a sexual crime in East Lansing, MI. We are qualified to evaluate your case objectively and provide solutions to your legal issue. Additionally, we will supply all the information you require to make intelligent choices to beat the sex offense charges.

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Our criminal defense team will defend you against overzealous police officers and prosecutors who have already made a compelling case against you. We will also assist you in fending off sexual assault charges and avoiding severe penalties in East Lansing. Some of these penalties include a lengthy prison term, a fine, and being placed on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry. Contact us for a free initial case evaluation with one of the best East Lansing sex crime lawyers.

Sexual Assault Defense Attorney in East Lansing

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker is one of the best sex offender lawyers in East Lansing, and is part of the Ingham County Bar Association. She works with numerous clients to help them defeat sex crime charges in minor and complex cases. Attorney Nicole Blank Becker is a leading sex crime lawyer who wants to support you in increasing your chances of securing your freedom and avoiding a criminal conviction.

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A conviction for a sex offense in Michigan could harm your life. You could be stigmatized or subjected to societal humiliation as someone with a criminal record. Additionally, you can be overlooked and refused particular housing or career options. Relationships with family and friends may become strained if you are found guilty of sex crimes.

Finding a suitable sex crimes defense lawyer in East Lansing, MI, to defend you in a sexual crime case can be challenging. You should consult a skilled criminal sexual conduct attorney to defend you against the sex crime offense charges brought against you. Our legal team at Blank Law, PC can prevent you from being convicted. Contact us to schedule a Michigan criminal defense attorney free consultation on your legal issue if you want to speak with one of East Lansing’s best sex offense attorneys.

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Contact a Seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyer if You are Accused of a Sex Offense

When people deal with legal issues concerning a sex offense, they often assume they can effectively safeguard their interests. Many criminal defendants tend ot be overconfident and dismissive of criminal charges, especially if they think the accusations against them are untrue, exaggerated, or inaccurate.

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However, the criminal justice system does not always administer justice in real life. Unlike what is seen in crime drama movies and TV shows, the truth does not always win. Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers frequently make errors and fail to respect the legal rights of the accused. In such cases, innocent persons may be convicted of a crime they did not commit.

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Therefore, you need to hire a seasoned criminal defense lawyer if you have been accused of a sexual crime, including child pornography, in East Lansing, MI. You should hire an aggressive CSC defense attorney with extensive experience in Michigan sex crime cases. An experienced attorney can help you create aggressive sexual assault defense strategies tailored to your particular case. Your lawyer will also advise you on the best ways to interact with tenacious police officers and prosecutors to ensure your legal rights are protected and you are not further incriminated.

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Blank Law, PC Aggressively Defends Those Facing Sex Crime Charges in East Lansing

Blank Law, PC is a leading criminal defense law firm representing those accused of sexual assault offenses in Michigan. Our legal team is available to examine your legal issue(s) and provide professional guidance to help you navigate the Michigan legal system successfully.

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We employ cutting-edge and unique criminal sexual conduct defense strategies to defend our clients and succeed at trial. Our legal team approaches each sex offense case with careful planning, thoroughly examined evidence, and solid, professional negotiation skills. At Blank Law, PC, we choose our cases carefully to ensure that every client receives all the legal support they need to win their case. We provide unmatched total client dedication and have a track record of winning our cases.

We will tirelessly defend you when you hire our law firm by creating an attorney-client relationship with us. We will also serve as a middleman between you and law enforcement officers during the criminal investigation to minimize the likelihood of further incrimination until you can stand trial. Additionally, we will advise you on your constitutional rights, empower you to protect your legal freedom, and provide answers to all legal issues.

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When Should You Contact a Defense Lawyer?

Suppose you are under investigation for a sexual offense in East Lansing or anywhere else in Michigan. In that case, you need to get in touch with a rape defense attorney immediately. Do not wait for a defense lawyer until you have been charged with sexual abuse. You have a better chance of developing a solid defense strategy if you immediately engage with a reputable law firm.

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You must contact a criminal defense lawyer before discussing your legal issues with a police officer. It would also be beneficial to exercise caution while interacting with anyone about the case, because whatever you say could be used as evidence against you. You will not be punished for refusing to speak with the police during a criminal investigation if your lawyer is absent.

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54B District Court and 30th Circuit Court are the Appropriate Courts for Hearing Criminal Cases in East Lansing

Generally, district courts handle civil and criminal cases, including misdemeanor criminal offenses, land contract cases, landlord-tenant disputes, civil lawsuits, civil traffic infractions, small claims cases, civil weddings, and civil infractions.

Although Ingham County’s county seat is located in Mason, Michigan, 54B Judicial District Court in East Lansing is the appropriate court for misdemeanors committed in East Lansing, as well as preliminary hearings for felonies committed in East Lansing, rather than the district courts in Mason (55th) or Lansing (54A).

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The address for 54B Judicial District Court is as follows:

54B District Court

101 Linden Street

East Lansing, MI 48823

On the other hand, the 30th Judicial Circuit Court is the appropriate court for trials of crimes and high court misdemeanors that take place in Ingham County. Although the 30th Judicial Circuit Court has offices in both Mason and Lansing, the Lansing Veterans Memorial Courthouse is the proper courthouse for matters filed in East Lansing, MI.

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The address for the 30th Judicial Circuit Court is as follows:

30th Judicial Circuit Court

313 West Kalamazoo Street

Lansing, MI 48933

As the name suggests, East Lansing, MI is situated directly east of the state capitol in Lansing. While a small part of East Lansing is in Clinton County, most of the city is in Ingham County. Based on the most recent census, East Lansing has a population of 48,579. According to Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA), 20 people are listed as sex offenders. This equates to a substantially low ratio of approximately 3,470 inhabitants to one sexual offender. East Lansing’s crime rate has continuously been much lower than the national average in the past ten years.

Can a Detroit Sex Crimes Lawyer Effectively Defend Me

Contact Attorney Nicole Blank Becker for a Free Consultation

Contact us at Blank Law, PC anytime for a free initial consultation if you or a loved one has been charged with a sexual offense in East Lansing or anywhere else in Michigan. Once we agree to take on your criminal case, our professional legal team will work right away to protect your rights and launch a thorough private investigation into the accusations made against you.

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We are proud of our statewide reputation as a top sex crimes defense firm. We are considered a leading defense firm with decades of experience in Michigan sex crime cases. We can also provide expert legal guidance for your case.

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker, of Blank Law, PC, is a leading defense sex crimes lawyer who values the attorney-client relationship. She protects her clients’ confidentiality when they share confidential or sensitive information. Nicole has an in-depth understanding of the inner-workings of the Michigan criminal justice system.

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Nicole has handled cases involving child pornography, sexual assault, statutory rape, indecent exposure, and internet sex crimes. You can trust her to create an aggressive criminal defense to help you in your sex crimes case.

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