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Michigan continues to investigate the state’s Catholic priests and their connection, or lack there of, to sexual abuse allegations. The alleged abuse of young children in the church is a very intense topic that has gained tremendously more attention in the past decade.

Typically, each diocese determines its own standard to deem a priest credibly accused, with the allegations ranging from inappropriate conversations and unwanted hugging to forced sodomy and rape.

Michigan, does not back down when it comes to holding a priest responsible for allegations ranging from inappropriate conversations and unwanted hugging to forced sodomy and rape.

In fact, Michigan has been very vigilant in investigating priests where there has been allegations of sexual misconduct. Michigan has endless resources at their fingertips to move stealthily and diligently to find those priests that are accused and laying under the radar. Michigan tracks priests who often were never criminally charged and, in many cases, were removed from or left the church to live as private citizens.

To date, there have been a number of priests that have been investigated and charged Vthroughout Michigan. Criminal Sexual Conduct charges arise from an abuse of the priest’s authority status as the accuser’s priest.

A priest, who loyally worked for the church for over 40 years was accused of sexually molesting a then 14 year old boy. The allegations were 22 years old. The priest had a loving, supportive family who was in disbelief when the charges came down. An investigation of the priest ensued due to a complaint made on a tip line. The complainant alleged sexual abuse by the priest.

Under Michigan law, a priest is considered to be in a position of authority. Because the priest was in a position of authority over the accuser, the state was considering charging the priest with 4 counts of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct and one count of Second Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct.

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