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✔ HOW TO talk to a child 

✔ HOW TO confirm a child knows the difference between telling the truth and telling a lie

✔ HOW TO question the child about the potential of misidentifying the perpetrator

✔ HOW TO ask questions of a child whose touching may of occurred during routine caregiving 

✔ HOW TO understand a child’s language  

✔ HOW TO question a child about the possibility of wanting to retaliate against the accused

✔ HOW TO appropriately approach a child about sensitive private part conversations

✔ HOW TO question the child to see if they have been Coached about what to say

✔ HOW TO find out what the child is really saying 

✔ HOW TO question a child about any outside influences there may be on a child 

✔ HOW TO look for indicators of not telling the truth by the child

✔HOW TO ask open ended questions of the child

✔ HOW TO follow up with the next question if the child decides not to talk

✔ HOW TO handle a child who only shakes their head yes and no

✔ HOW TO engage a reluctant child


POLICE OFFICER: Once a police officer learns that the accuser is a child, the police officer will  make arrangements for the child to be interviewed at a CAC.  A police officer typically will not interview a child.  When determining if the accuser is a “child”, the majority of the police departments in Michigan consider a person under the ages of 15 or 16 years old to be a child.  There are some exceptions to this generally followed rule.  If a police officer does in fact interview a child, he/she must interview the child using the forensic protocol.  

Nicole has read dozens of police reports in which a police officer interviewed a child and did NOT use the forensic protocol.  If the police officer does not use the forensic protocol when talking to a child, Nicole knows exactly how to cross examine that officer and show how improper his interview was and therefore the child’s accusations should not be believed.

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