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Michigan Sex Offender Registry – How & Why You Should Defend Yourself Against It

If you’ve been charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct in Michigan (Michigan CSC), you are facing possible hard jail time, hefty fines and having your name and whole identity listed on Michigan’s sex offender registry.


Once you are listed on Michigan’s sex offender registry, the negative stigma of a sex offender label will haunt you and your loved ones forever. It doesn’t matter if the charge against you is a minor sex crime offense (like unwelcome touching), your name will be listed along with the names of people convicted for CSC 1 or CSC 2‘s. (commonly includes child molestation). Your life won’t be normal again and you have to live with it forever. These are the reasons why you should defend yourself against being listed on Michigan’s sex offender registry. Protect your rights and your future by avoiding it completely.


Michigan Sex Offender Registry

Michigan Sex Offender Registry – How To Avoid It


Your best defense against having your name listed on the Michigan sex offender registry (after being charged with a CSC) is hiring an aggressive and experienced Michigan sex crimes lawyer. Don’t just hire any other Michigan defense lawyer, instead, get the help of a Michigan attorney whose sole focus is Criminal Sexual Conduct, sex crimes and abuse.


Nicole Blank Becker is an aggressive and experienced Michigan lawyer whose focus is on sex crime cases, criminal sexual conduct charges, rape, sexual acts on children and any other type of sex crimes in Michigan.  Nicole’s reputation throughout Michigan is that she is a tough, no holds barred sex crimes lawyer. As a criminal defense attorney, she has mastered the courtroom in every arena and she does not back down.


Having your named registered on the sex offender registry can have a significant effect on your personal and professional life. Your relationship with family members will be greatly affected. Friendships will be greatly strained. People close to you will start to distance themselves. Getting a decent job will be very hard since there will be a background check. Applying for a home will be very difficult as well. To make things worse, you will need to update your address in the registry every time you move.


Don’t let a Criminal Sexual Conduct charge ruin your life and your future. You can defend yourself against it. All you need to do is hire a Michigan sex crimes lawyer to stand by you.


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