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Michigan Criminal Jury Instructions for Sex Cases

The Michigan Supreme Court has special Michigan Criminal Jury Instructions (the laws that are read to a jury) specifically for criminal sexual conduct charges. These model criminal jury instructions are read at every jury trial involving criminal sexual conduct accusations, regardless of csc degrees.

Michigan Criminal Jury Instructions

The specific model criminal jury instructions for sex cases are:

  • CJI 20.25: To prove a sexual assault charge, it is not necessary that there be evidence other than the testimony of [name accuser], if that testimony proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. (i.e. Testimony of the accuser need not be corroborated)

These model criminal jury instructions are a very powerful tool for the state. The state benefits from these model criminal jury instructions because it limits the amount of evidence needed by the state when charging criminal sexual conduct charges.

Typically, for most crimes, per the model criminal jury instructions, there is some type of additional evidence needed, other than just the accuser’s accusation, to assist the state in moving forward with their case. However, in Michigan, when it comes to sexual assault cases, per these model criminal jury instructions, additonal evidence, other than what the accuser alleges, is NOT required.

These model criminal jury instructions from the Michigan Supreme Court makes the stakes for criminal sexual conduct cases extremely high. Due to these model criminal jury instructions, anyone can go to the police station, make a police report, and claim something happened. Based on one person’s accusation(s), per the model criminal jury instructions, the state can charge the accused and proceed all the way to trial.

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Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Law, PC is asked about the phenomenon of these model criminal jury instructions constantly. It is hard to believe that charges that may change your life forever can be based on just the accuser’s words alone. Unfortunately, this happens all the time.

The Climate in the World is Zero Tolerance for Sex Crimes

Once someone claims they were raped/sexually assaulted, you, as the accused, automatically become public enemy number one. That is why, in this fight for your life, you need her years of knowledge, along with the skill set and practice tips possessed by Nicole Blank Becker fighting for you in your corner. Call today at (248) 515-6583 or fill out the online contact form to Nicole on your side now.

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