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The Best Sex Offender Lawyers in Michigan: Blank Law, PC

For over two decades, the sex offender criminal defense attorney at the Blank Law, PC law firm has been defending sex crimes in Michigan. Other than keeping many clients off of the Michigan sex offender registry, she has obtained many reduced charges, dismissals, and won many jury trials for our clients. If you are charged with a sex crime or facing sex crime allegations in Michigan, turn to the expert at the Blank Law, PC law firm. You can contact our sex offender criminal defense attorney at (248) 515-6583 to book your first free consultation.

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Sex Offender Lawyers 

A sex crime conviction in Michigan often comes with lots of life-altering consequences. Besides the possibility of incarceration and hefty fines, you’ll have to deal with social stigma and shame, even when the sex offense allegations or sex offense charges are false. That’s why approaching a sex offense case without a qualified sex crimes lawyer can be catastrophic.


If you’re still sitting on the fence about hiring a sex offender criminal defense attorney to handle your sex crimes case, here are several reasons to help you decide.

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A Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Lower Your Exposure To Risks

Being arrested for or charged with a sex crime in Michigan will cost you more than just your freedom. It will put your reputation, relationships, and future at stake. But, failure to hire sex offender criminal defense attorneys will expose you to even more risks, including:

●       False or incorrect charges

●       Needing to register as a sex offender on the Michigan sex offender registry

●       Being convicted even when you are innocent

●       Facing criminal law penalties when you shouldn’t

●       Your DNA being stored in the state or national database

●       Restrictions on where you work or travel due to be on the sex offender registration

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Whether you decide to plead guilty or not to the sex crime charges you are facing, getting legal advice and representation is critical. An experienced sex crimes defense attorney can help you change your sexual assault case’s outcome.


At the Blank Law, PC law firm, our criminal defense lawyer offers a free consultation to allow you to understand how our sex crimes lawyer can help. Give us a call today and learn what difference our criminal sex law expert can make in your sexual assault case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Nicole Blank Becker


Criminal Defense Lawyers Handle All Of The Paperwork On Your Behalf

Anyone who has experienced the Michigan court system procedures will tell you how intimidating and daunting the paperwork for any legal process can be. The forms and documents involved in sex crime cases are difficult to understand and will take time to fill out. Fortunately, sex offender criminal defense attorneys can take the heavy burden off of your shoulders and make the process less overwhelming.

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Sex offender criminal defense attorneys know exactly how to fill out and handle all of the required paperwork on your behalf to ensure that everything is done right and deadlines are not missed. That will give you peace of mind knowing that someone is taking care of the serious matter.


A Criminal Defense Attorney Brings Tons Of Experience To Your Sexual Assault Case

Typically, any sex crimes criminal defense attorney can represent a client in their court cases. But truth be told, a lawyer’s experience is of great importance when it comes to sex crimes such as Criminal Sexual Conduct and child pornography.


A criminal defense lawyer who understands the Michigan sex crime laws will help you avoid the costly mistakes that can ruin your future and freedom. Bringing over 20 years of experience to your sex offenses case, our lawyer, Nicole Blank Becker of the Blank Law, PC law firm, will work relentlessly to help you obtain the most favorable outcome in your sex offender case.

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Proper Evidence Presentation

In a sex crime criminal trial, the rules of evidence can be complicated. For instance, during the sex crime trial, anyone who has a general practitioner is likely to ask questions that are not in compliance with evidence rules. As a result, the prosecution may interrupt or object to their cross-examination of a sex crime witness, causing the court to rule that they cannot continue with that line of questioning.


All good sex crime criminal defense lawyers will know what questions to ask witnesses and how to frame them. Additionally, good sex offender criminal defense lawyers can present legal arguments to convince the court why an objected line of questioning is relevant and should be allowed. Sex crime criminal defense lawyers also have a strategic plan for the cross-examination of sex crime witnesses, thus changing the sex offenses case outcome.


Sex Crimes Attorneys Like Nicole Focus On These Kinds Of Sex Crime Cases

When hiring a sex crimes lawyer, it would be best to work with an attorney solely focused on sex crimes. That’s exactly what you get when you trust our law firm, Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Law, PC, to handle your sex crime case. On top of that, Nicole has worked both as a prosecutor and a sex crimes defense attorney. Coupled with her training, this kind of experience makes Nicole Blank Becker one of the criminal defense attorneys who commands respect in Michigan’s legal circles.

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Criminal Defense Attorneys Understand Federal Criminal Procedures

Depending on the severity of your sex offenses charge, your sex crime case may be tried in a state or federal court. Not all criminal defense lawyers have a firm grasp of the federal criminal justice system’s intricate procedures. Additionally, for sex offender lawyers to represent clients in a federal court, they have to know a thing or two about federal law.


If you or someone you know is charged with a sex offense, Nicole of Blank Law, PC has all of the accreditation you need for federal court representation. First, she is admitted for practice in federal court, understands the federal justice system’s intricate process, including having to face off with federal law enforcement agencies in court, she knows all of the federal criminal laws on sex offenses inside and out, and she has a track record of successfully defending anyone accused of a sex offense in the federal court system with outstanding results.


Sex crimes tried in the federal court include child pornography, aggravated sexual assault, and interstate or country to country transportation of individuals, including minors, with the intent of having them engage in criminal sexual activity. In most instances, sexual offenses cases tried in the federal court involve federal law agencies in their investigation.


To be prepared for every eventuality, you must have sex crime defense attorneys conversant with both state and federal criminal justice systems, like Nicole Blank Becker of Blank Loaw, PC law firm, by your side.


Expect Expert Criminal Sexual Conduct Defense

Defending against a sex offense accusation or sex offender charge can be overwhelming. Friends, family members, police, prosecutors, and even judges will seem to line up against you. Most of them will assume you are guilty just because you are being accused of a sex crime. Luckily, the right team of sex crime criminal defense lawyers can help you fight the charges.


For the last 20 years, Blank Law, PC has been representing clients facing different sex crime charges. Having worked both as a sex crimes prosecutor and a sex crimes criminal defense attorney, Nicole knows how serious a sex crime allegation, sex offense investigation, sex offense arrest, or sex offense criminal charge can be. And for that reason, she will begin by identifying prosecution deficiencies and weaknesses well before your sex crime case goes to trial. On top of that, Nicole will develop a winning defense for your sex crime case by establishing whether the:

●       Police handled the physical evidence properly

●       Law enforcement made any mistakes in their investigation

●       Accuser had any motive to fabricate the sexual assault allegations

●       Person accusing you of a sex offense had ever accused anyone else before

●       The sexual assault accuser underwent suggestive questioning, which can lead to a false memory being implanted


Criminal Defense Attorneys Offer Proper Bail Presentation

In serious criminal sexual conduct cases, the alleged sex offender is often arraigned twice. The first arraignment is often in the district court, where a preliminary examination is conducted, while the second is at circuit court.


During the first arraignment, the defendant’s charges and rights are read, and bail, sometimes known as a bond, may be set at this hearing. If the court decides to release you on bond, several bail conditions may be imposed, including not contacting the victim. It is vital that you don’t handle bail hearings without legal assistance.


Sex crimes defense lawyers understand bail hearing laws in Michigan and will help prepare and represent you for the bail hearing properly. This, in turn, will ensure that you are not remained in custody while you wait for your sex offender criminal charges to be finalized or for your trial. Better still, a criminal defense attorney who focuses on sex crimes can ensure that you obtain favorable conditions should the court decide to release you on bail.


Contact The Best Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Most criminal defense attorneys and law firms shy away from representing sex crime suspects. But unlike other sex offender attorneys, Nicole of the Blank Law, PC law firm understands that sex offender defendants have rights too, and she fights to uphold them.

Nicole Blank Becker - Blank Law, PC


If you have been arrested for a sex crime, are under investigation for a sex crime, or are charged with a sex crime, such as failure to register as a sex offender, Nicole will take your sex offender case and help you fight for your rights. You can openly discuss your situation with our sex crimes attorney with an assurance that she will maintain a high standard of an attorney-client relationship and respect your privacy while developing a strong defense strategy.


Please call us today at (248) 515-6583 and book a free consultation. Our law firm exists to help accused sex offenders or arrested sex offenders like you.

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