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Attorney Nicole Becker Comments on the Effects of the Joycelyn Savage Stories

Attorney Nicole Blank Becker published a press release that features her comments on the effects of the Joycelyn Savage Patreon stories. Here’s her official and full statement:

Michigan Sex Crime Attorney - Nicole Blank Becker

CHICAGODec. 5, 2019 — Attorney Nicole Blank Becker, one of Mr. R. Kelly’s lawyers, confirms that the person/s who orchestrated the Patreon Platform, for financial gain, was NOT in fact Mr. R. Kelly’s girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage.

The stories told about Mr. R. Kelly that were released via Patreon, day after day,  were initially believed by the public to be true. Meanwhile, the fictitious stories were placed on a public platform to shape public opinion. By no fault of the public, those stories were believed and even relished in. Now that we know that Joycelyn Savage was NOT the person behind the stories, we know that stories told were complete fabrications. Let this be the beginning of a message to the world. Just because someone says something, claims something and/or gets money for it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Those false posts and the media frenzy that ensued, are prime examples of how easy it is for the wool to be pulled over the public’s eyes.

Checking the facts, prior to believing everything you hear is tantamount. A trial is not won or lost by false facts, false facts hurt our belief in the justice system. Therefore, it is imperative that we all take a pregnant pause prior to believing what we hear as gospel. The phenomenon of judging people without knowing the truth, believing facts that are not checked and being quick to cast  judgement is exactly what has occurred throughout Mr. R. Kelly’s very public fight for his life.

We should all strive for justice for All American people. Let this be the moment we all say, “A Defendant is INNOCENT until PROVEN  guilty.”


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